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"The Earth without Art is just Eh"

A Woman

Don’t intend to cage me,
I’ll be gone, farther than I’ve been.
Expand your heart and be my sky,
I’ll soar higher, and deeper within.


Will You?

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When my eyes look at another name,
Will you search for yours in them?

When my heart shifts its commitment,
Will you regret our un-fulfillment?

When my face, decks up for another,
Will you envy and start to bother?

When the color of my lips, lie on his,
Will you feel the tint, curl and frizz?

When my skin shivers with his touch,
Will you be cold, and numb as much?

When I gasp in a brand new smell,
Will you find your fragrance, lose its spell?

When I wake up to an else’s face
Will you desire me beside your space?

When I surrender to a different one,
Will you repent, there could be none?

When I’ll be gone, a life anew,
Will you want me once more to you?

When there’ll be nothing left to decide,
Will you wonder, what if you tried?

Will you?


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I have made friends
And I have met foes
I have chanced lovers
And who led me into woes

Passed by the nonchalant
Baffled by the inquisitive
I have seen the heartless
Comforted by the sensitive

Encountered positive minds
Reality checks by skeptics
Pampered by the prejudiced
Fooled in pretense and tricks

Encouraged by well wishers
Demeaned by the envious
Some faithful in their intentions
The rest habitually perfidious

I met them all, carried their colors
Some stayed back, some left the heart
I became some, some drew a piece of me
I retained some and let the rest part

My Mother

Mother, a word not worldly
A mere reference, not at all
An entire universe held within
Embracing, large and vast

Mother, a sound so tranquil
Yet profounder than creation
She’s embodiment of the infinite
Unblemished, whole, vibrant

Mother, a face demystifying dilemmas
Comforting, a smile untainted
Vulnerabilities exposed before her strength
Every heartbeat, a sanctuary, I belong

Mother, a space filled with assurance,
An armful abode of abundance
Caresses, heaven on earth
What better could paradise be

I Am or Am I Not

Rediscovering myself with every step I take
Virtuous or immoral, adding to my make
And I keep searching for more, in myself

The oceans perceive me differently
From hills that observe me intently
And I come back home larger than I am

Now, lost in a crowd so erratic
Then, above all with a splendor dramatic
I continue to dwell in passing highs and lows

Celebrating life like never again
Engrossed in silence when all looks vain
I’m this and I’m that, or perhaps neither is me

The past asked for, what I am today
The now wishes for, me in the coming day
Perplexed moments miss the deteriorating authenticity

With time rolling, I see new reflections
Ever changing, ever molding, far from perfections
Spontaneous or forced by conditions, I can only wonder

The Flawed Love

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If you’ve been a coward in love
You certainly haven’t loved enough

A foolish heart that has cried for you
Hasn’t known a kind that’s true

If you’ve been able to let it go
You never intended to let it grow

When leaving came easier, than to try
Every inch of you turned into a lie

Falling for you, was falling, to think of
For when it’s true, one rises in love

The Unconfined Mind

A wandering mind
Not ready to be tamed
A restless soul
Free and unclaimed

In retrospection
To undefined possibilities
Adept at judgments
But enticed to imbecilities

Weakness and strength
Fathomed it all
Yet ever ready to fly
Sturdier with every fall

Life – The Road Most Travelled

Ups and downs, thorns and crowns
Life is but, a roller coaster ride
Diverse roads, narrow and wide

Clocks tick-tock, lost moments mock
Standing amidst bygones and impending
Some growing apart, some ever blending

Darkness and glory, both rejoiced in the story
Unwavering mindfulness and flow of sense
Sometimes with futile, frivolous pretense

Lessons learnt, or rule books burnt
Gleeful adventurer or a wanderer forlorn
Here is a journey, that’s meant to go on

The Bond

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No strings attached
No fancies matched
Yet it felt, a lot like love.

A rendezvous abstract
Not enough to impact
But it started, a saga thereof.

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