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Paradoxical Eyes

P.C. Google

She stepped out everyday with kohl laden eyes, to hide the sorrow in them!

Somewhere, someone was watching; falling in love with how beautiful they looked, bright and deep!


The Book

PC – Google

“What will you do when I’m gone”, he asked. “I will write a book about us”, she replied with great difficulty, after swallowing the painful lump in her throat that the reiteration and confirmation of their destined parting had caused.


Placing a bookmark at this point in the book he got up to make a call. The phone rang for a while before she answered it.


“Hi! I just wanted to tell you, your book is really nice”


“I’m sorry for all the times I made you feel so terrible”, he sighed and continued, “Don’t misunderstand, but I was just wondering, how long till I reach the part where you are happy again?”

Although, there was silence over the phone, he could sense a smile flash on her face. It was the same that he had seen and held close to his heart when destiny had taken a turn. The same when he was able to tell her, that they were to be together, forever!


In the deepest corner of her heart she had wished hard if she could wait for him.

“Slowly”, he said, “not at once, let’s depart gradually”, changing her wait for togetherness to a wait for parting.

Why not? After all, she, only wished to wait!

I Believe

There’s something in my mind,
Not controlling, quietly sitting,
But strong, never ever quitting

It’s a thought, it’s a wish
Not a hope, but a demand,
Mellow, yet in command

Above and beyond uncertainties,
It’s a faith, denying anything tragic
It’s a conviction awaiting magic

Embedded strongly in the heart,
A desire meant to be true, not deceive,
Destined for success, this, I believe!

Yours Truly

If I love you, not you yet, but I do, completely
My sincerity will know no bounds,
My loyalty will hold its ground
No questions making the rounds
Causing no needless confound
No matter how hard it sounds
The heart committed to be profound
Quietly hoping you’ll come around
And I will embrace you – Forever, Yours Truly…


I Write, Therefore I Am

I write,
In every spirit I just write
Fight or fright, whatever the plight
I write

I scribble,
In every mood I scribble
Thoughtful, or just to babble
I just scribble

I create,
Blending the heart and head, I create
A piece in every state
I just create

I record,
For every occurrence, I keep record
A lesson, or emotions overboard
I just record

I compose,
To communicate, I compose
Telling myself, or to subtly disclose
I just compose

I word,
Every piece of myself, I word
For victories, and times I erred
I just want to find words

Yes, I write,
For my being, for my soul,
For the past and every new goal
For every insight, I just write

Hold On

Hold on, don’t let go yet
It has only been some time now,
It’s growing, blooming, let it
No, don’t let go yet

The wait has just begun, right now,
You’ve only started, not waited yet
It deserves your persistence, give it
No, don’t let go yet

The liking is yet to become longing
The change is gradually seeping in
It’s transforming, don’t stop, comfort it
No, don’t let go yet

Good, bad, whatever will be, will be,
That’s eventual, hasn’t happened yet
It’s taking its own course, stick around it
No, don’t let go yet

Completing the Incomplete

A tale that can’t reach its closure,
Give it a pretty little twist,
And leave it just there.

A story that wouldn’t have an end,
Leave it for the thoughtful minds,
In their thoughts it will blend.

A saga that can no more go on,
Take it till a beautiful dusk,
And let it find its own dawn.

A journey that can’t see its destination,
Stop! Look around, maybe here is the place,
Here is the time, for the decisive aberration.

You Can

No, don’t depend.
No matter how much time
You ought to spend,
It is you who got to mend
Your broken pieces together,
Each upright, none to bend
Yes you can, just don’t depend.

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