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Life – The Road Most Travelled

Ups and downs, thorns and crowns
Life is but, a roller coaster ride
Diverse roads, narrow and wide

Clocks tick-tock, lost moments mock
Standing amidst bygones and impending
Some growing apart, some ever blending

Darkness and glory, both rejoiced in the story
Unwavering mindfulness and flow of sense
Sometimes with futile, frivolous pretense

Lessons learnt, or rule books burnt
Gleeful adventurer or a wanderer forlorn
Here is a journey, that’s meant to go on


The Bond

PC – Google

No strings attached
No fancies matched
Yet it felt, a lot like love.

A rendezvous abstract
Not enough to impact
But it started, a saga thereof.

A Birthday Eve

PC – Google

A beautiful dusk, arriving unhurriedly
Letting this special day linger for a while
A day full of wishes, love and blessings
A day as stunning and bright as your smile

As the moon rises and shines tonight
Bringing this lovely day to a closure
Count the amazing dreams ahead
For you to live, for you to conquer

A year gone by, and a year onward
Newer possibilities for you to chase
New highs and new passions
Newer desires for you to embrace

Today you’ve had your day, your moments
Now the new dawn will long for you
May your cheer, may your radiance
Light up your life and breeze you through

I Must Stop Looking for Peace

Peace, I must stop looking for thee
In depths or in shallows
In silence or in bellows
In zest or in reluctance
In doubts or in obstinance
In rivers and in meadows
In light or in shadows
In vengeance or in penance
In the past or in hence
‘Coz Peace, you are right within me!

The Disquiet in the Quiet

Mornings fading into the day
Nights engulfed in the dark
A perpetual quiet paving its way
What meaning did words hold anyway?

Yet, neither silence comforting
Nor words fulfilling
Sometimes an unbearable lightness
Sometimes too much to weigh

‘Coz I’m Bigger Than My Circumstance

And when you started to feel like a mirage
I was running behind, yet nowhere to be seen,
I decided to turn into the vast desert
And held you right within!

Paradoxical Eyes

P.C. Google

She stepped out everyday with kohl laden eyes, to hide the sorrow in them!

Somewhere, someone was watching; falling in love with how beautiful they looked, bright and deep!

The Book

PC – Google

“What will you do when I’m gone”, he asked. “I will write a book about us”, she replied with great difficulty, after swallowing the painful lump in her throat that the reiteration and confirmation of their destined parting had caused.


Placing a bookmark at this point in the book he got up to make a call. The phone rang for a while before she answered it.


“Hi! I just wanted to tell you, your book is really nice”


“I’m sorry for all the times I made you feel so terrible”, he sighed and continued, “Don’t misunderstand, but I was just wondering, how long till I reach the part where you are happy again?”

Although, there was silence over the phone, he could sense a smile flash on her face. It was the same that he had seen and held close to his heart when destiny had taken a turn. The same when he was able to tell her, that they were to be together, forever!


In the deepest corner of her heart she had wished hard if she could wait for him.

“Slowly”, he said, “not at once, let’s depart gradually”, changing her wait for togetherness to a wait for parting.

Why not? After all, she, only wished to wait!

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