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Let us be Better Humans

Speak, act, express within the bounds of dignity
Endeavor to make people feel acceptable,
Not miserable and guilty

If you regret saying something in a sudden blow-up
If something has hurt someone bad
Breathe, apologize, and stop it from eating them up

Keep a check on those tough words,
A misunderstood statement is explainable;
But not those that cut like swords

Appreciate, admire, show affection
Express gratitude, practice empathy
Slow down the need for instant gratification

Love animals, have them around, learn
They’re any day better living beings than we’re
Always giving; they seldom yearn

Have friends, and be one
With healthy subtle boundaries
Have honest, fitting ties that will never come undone

Listen, understand, agree, accept, believe
Peace out sooner
Doesn’t take much to cease to crib and grieve

Think before you speak, frame well or fetter
But also hear out if someone hasn’t
To err is human; but let’s leave no chance to be better.

Confessions of a “Socially” Hushed Mind

Two be company, and three be crowd;
But the social media groups, they are way too loud

Fantasizing to be friends, everyone has so much to say
None a listener; and those who don’t, have muted away

A chaos of attention seekers and attention givers,
An overwhelming mess for the silent observers

No depth, no substance, no humor, no purpose
What would the observer say anyway, amidst such a crazy circus?

“A friend to all, is a friend to none” (~Aristotle)
Impressing, competing, all show and no real fun

Can’t be a captive to such mindlessness, call me a misfit;
A world that never stops talking, I’d rather take my exit.

PS: I am thankful to the universe that I have made some great friends in life, and I speak to them individually or in groups, in person or over social media channels and it is always fun, humorous, fascinating and edifying in various ways. The typicality and mediocrity of societal norms of communication do not appeal to me. I prefer socializing on my own terms at a level that is not bound by approvals or validation. Stagnant conversations looped around nothingness lead nowhere!

Yours Truly

Never too late to love yourself;
Remember, for once, just yourself

Once in a while let go, sit back and rest
Just let it go; take the load off your chest

Just one day, don’t expect, don’t care
Let nothing matter, no baggage to bear

Breathe in deep, and let your spirits soar high
Uncurl those wings that were meant to fly

Rejoice every emotion you possess, that makes you human
For once, don’t try so hard; that what’s expected (of you) is just an illusion

Smile, at everything you sought; that you believed you deserved
Regardless of what you got; smile, ‘cos the self-worth mattered

Embrace the change, some, don’t want to see in you
‘Cos you’ll change again; pity they don’t see theirs too

Celebrate all the little hopes and expectations that never came true
‘Cos every time you were let down; you moved on, matured and grew

Love yourself more, for every tear that you’ve shed
No, it wasn’t wrong; it was as right as, all the laughter that you’ve spread



You may think, I don’t see
And you often go unheard
But Dad, I adore all your insight
I mark, your every little word

I may be all grown up now
But without you Dad, I still get lost
I still need you to hold my hand
Like all times; and every hurdle I’ve crossed

You’ve been my biggest strength, Dad
My wisest guide, my foundation
The reason of my being, my happiness
And in tears, the stoutest consolation

I’ve not told you enough how important you’re
But I celebrate you Dad, today and everyday
And I thank you Dad, for being my light
Always by my side, showing me the way

Have I Told You This My Friend?

PC Google

Every time I need to place
My naked heart somewhere
I’d always choose you my friend
Amidst all danger, morality or despair

A place secure, peaceful
Dignified and calm
A place I surrender truthfully
Fearlessly subdue, and disarm

Lifting me up in my mediocrities
My wisdom, in my immaturities
My strength in my vulnerabilities
You, are my home in all obscurities

You’ve always known my friend,
Every time you protect the child in me
You help me grow up better
With your composure and serenity

You’ve heard me out
Blabbering, and cries aloud
Given me space for so much more
Amidst all the mayhem and crowd

You’ve acknowledged the best in me
You’ve dealt with the worst with me
You’ve dived in deep every single time
You’ve understood, what no one could even see

My laughter finds a different high with you
My silences find new depths with you
Tête-à-têtes, sincere, of a bond so true
With you, there’s nothing, I can’t walk through

The Darker Side

She had despised that spark,
The spark of a charmer
That would turn her cold,
While the rest turned warmer

The flamboyance – discomforting,
For a timid soul that thinks, overthinks
In spite of the vanity in the smooth mingling,
Cocooning into preconceived precincts

Seemingly belonging to a myriad,
Those misjudged, misapprehended phases
In another moment delighted, proud;
Yet in an instant a slave of chaotic mazes

Observant, yearning to be ignorant,
Gazing at a half that isn’t much of her
Yet when consumed as an inseparable whole
The darker side, absolved and blur!

‘Coz My Mind is a Nomad

Leave aside your blast from the past
Wow me now, the now is vast

Don’t prepone me, don’t postpone me
Awe me here; here’s where, I’m meant to be

Poised, yet noised; free and uninhibited
Give me your today, the rest is unsolicited

‘Coz I too have unrestrained memories darling
If only I lived there, you’d be left dazed and startling

I’ve had my moments, there and then
Glorious, that will never be the same again

Then why go back? Rejoice in the now and new
Celebrate better, leap ahead of the memories’ queue

Reminiscing bygones, nostalgic romanticism
Ain’t my deal mate, ain’t no fun

I live in this day, festive, barriers unclad
Unfettered, never held back, ‘coz my mind is a nomad

Adulthood – Ready, Not Ready

“Could I get a packet of childhood please?” she asked, like she was asking for a packet of cigarettes. “Mine just got over”. The last few words came out in the most effortless and factual manner from the lady who was supposedly in her thirties.

Growing up was her choice for the longest possible time. And she had most certainly taken this for granted, until it was suddenly her only option. While she still had her fairy tales and fantasies not fading away completely; quite evidently, it was now time for change, for maturity.

The world around was different, very different from how she had always imagined it to be. With a newfound perspective of adulthood, she was ready to dive into this world that she did not quite feel a likability towards. Teenage passions, manners, indulgences were all holding her back, the shackles just wouldn’t break, leaving her hanging somewhere in between! No matter how hard she tried to fit into the grown up world, her trials had childlike errors, a lot of them.

The world she had gotten into, did not seem to be very forgiving towards an erred adult. Still hanging in between she pulled out a cigarette, the last one from her box; lit it up and filled her lungs. In that burning moment of realization, retrospection and aspiration, she handed the empty box to some more emptiness and said, “Could I get a packet of childhood please? Mine just got over”.


Vibe or Wish – #newbeginnings

PC Google

They bumped into each other again, after days. It instantly brought an involuntary grin on his face.
In an endeavor to keep his ecstasy hidden, he immediately said in a relatively somber tone, “I, um… kind of, had this vibe that you are around”.
She flashed her reserved smile, wondering quite knowingly−was it a vibe, or a wish all along!

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