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Vibe or Wish – #newbeginnings

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They bumped into each other again, after days. It instantly brought an involuntary grin on his face.
In an endeavor to keep his ecstasy hidden, he immediately said in a relatively somber tone, “I, um… kind of, had this vibe that you are around”.
She flashed her reserved smile, wondering quite knowingly−was it a vibe, or a wish all along!


Let Us Know Some More

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Talk more, communicate
Let me comprehend you;
Your stillness, your madness
The lull, and the storm
That’s within you

Ask more, be curious
Let me confide in you
Show the eagerness, and intent
To fathom me, my soul
That’d unveil to you

Meet more, sit next to me
Let me see and sense you
Your texture and its mixture
The subdued and the rough
That builds you

Touch more, connect
Let me feel the warmth in you,
The pulses beneath your skin,
Orating the nuder story,
That hides inside of you

Look more, let the eyes speak
Let me gaze through you,
Unearth the mysteries,
Inside and out, all around
That surround you

Embrace more, trust, believe
Let me assure the faith in you
A togetherness, without barriers
Transparent, sincere; real me
That’d hold the real you

“If only closed minds came with closed mouths”








The more people I speak to
The quieter I get, wondering
What do they say, where’d it lead?
What triviality will the next word bring?

Words, they’re full of words
Notions of the sorts, varying
Such spontaneity of frivolity
Reckless mediocrity, worrying

The more people I meet with
The lonelier I feel, contemplating
Being distant; for what good
Are ideas, that’re only meandering?

Ideas, falling out thoughtlessly
Unaffected, they call it teasing
Insensitive I say, for last I knew,
Humor was a sense that was pleasing

The more people I see, everywhere
There’s an urge to look away, fading
To a time and space of depth, intelligence
Where souls talk, not frenzied chattering

Where words are meant to comfort
Ideas meaningful, strong and achieving
Laughter bringing togetherness, not secluding
Heart and mind open, free of envy, endearing

Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you so much Rob for nominating me, and being amazingly encouraging with your lovely words, as always! Coming from a marvelous writer like you, I am overwhelmed at this. I have always been dazed at the beauty with which your pieces flow, effortlessly, and have the ability to keep readers completely gripped. Your comments on my posts have always been so enlightening and also provide a diverse point of view to what’s there. They’ve always made my low key poems look so much better, and I truly mean it 🙂

There are so many more blogs that I enjoy thoroughly and I’m more than glad to nominate some of them. These blogs have some beautifully woven pieces that take you to their beautiful minds and world. They are meaningful, they are amusing, they are just beautiful.

  1. Eternal Conversations
  2. Writer In Retrospect
  3. Nameera Ever After

Here are the rules for you. Make a post about the award. In it, there are 5 things you must do:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
2. Share 5-10 random facts about yourself
3. Nominate new blogs and ask those people to give 5-10 random facts about themselves
4. List the rules
5. Let those bloggers know you nominated them.

Now, some random facts about myself:

  1. I love to dance, but I have two left feet…so I have to wait till I get drunk
  2. I don’t like to follow trends.
  3. I have never played Pokémon GO, or Candy Crush, or Angry Birds, or whatever. I’ve no idea about how they look. I haven’t done a single Tik Tok either.
  4. I’m not into the social media façade. My Whatsapp status is visible only to few.
  5. I have recently developed the knack for creating cartoon strips of memorable real life situations, or encounters
  6. I’m obsessed with the colors blue and black
  7. No communication and too much communication, both turn me off
  8. I prefer coffee over tea, Thums Up over coffee, and beer above the rest
  9. I’m not a die hard fanatic of any actor or star.
  10. My latest addiction is talking in GIFs instead of typing

Woah! I had so much fun doing this. Thank you once again Rob <3. I look forward to reading about all of you I nominated, and hope you’ll will have as much fun!

Stay Guarded

You keep yourself guarded,
Yet, you’re caught off guard,
Not before long, come down hard,
And you’re restrained again!

Who’s got your back?
Not them, not anyone.
You see, sensibility is no fun,
They’re busy shielding themselves!

It’s a vulnerable world,
The world is, vulnerable,
Never get too comfortable,
Stay guarded, every moment you can!

A Woman

Don’t intend to cage me,
I’ll be gone, farther than I’ve been.
Expand your heart and be my sky,
I’ll soar higher, and deeper within.

Will You?

PC – Google

When my eyes look at another name,
Will you search for yours in them?

When my heart shifts its commitment,
Will you regret our un-fulfillment?

When my face, decks up for another,
Will you envy and start to bother?

When the color of my lips, lie on his,
Will you feel the tint, curl and frizz?

When my skin shivers with his touch,
Will you be cold, and numb as much?

When I gasp in a brand new smell,
Will you find your fragrance, lose its spell?

When I wake up to an else’s face
Will you desire me beside your space?

When I surrender to a different one,
Will you repent, there could be none?

When I’ll be gone, a life anew,
Will you want me once more to you?

When there’ll be nothing left to decide,
Will you wonder, what if you tried?

Will you?


PC – Google

I have made friends
And I have met foes
I have chanced lovers
And who led me into woes

Passed by the nonchalant
Baffled by the inquisitive
I have seen the heartless
Comforted by the sensitive

Encountered positive minds
Reality checks by skeptics
Pampered by the prejudiced
Fooled in pretense and tricks

Encouraged by well wishers
Demeaned by the envious
Some faithful in their intentions
The rest habitually perfidious

I met them all, carried their colors
Some stayed back, some left the heart
I became some, some drew a piece of me
I retained some and let the rest part

My Mother

Mother, a word not worldly
A mere reference, not at all
An entire universe held within
Embracing, large and vast

Mother, a sound so tranquil
Yet profounder than creation
She’s embodiment of the infinite
Unblemished, whole, vibrant

Mother, a face demystifying dilemmas
Comforting, a smile untainted
Vulnerabilities exposed before her strength
Every heartbeat, a sanctuary, I belong

Mother, a space filled with assurance,
An armful abode of abundance
Caresses, heaven on earth
What better could paradise be

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