I write, because I’m opinionated

Opinions that the bigoted don’t want to hear

So, I write, noiseless, yet loud and clear

I write, because I deliberate

I think, and continue to overthink,

Because the unmindful are not in sync

I write, because I observe

All that’s now, and words we forgot

I write to express what ought to be, and what maybe not

I write, because I own ideas and views

Not always likeable, not that would amuse

I write to validate all that I believe and choose

I write, because I judge, I criticize

I’m flawed and so is everyone; wrapped in imperfections

I write because not everyone approves of my perceptions

I write, because I am intolerant, yet not unceremonious

I am fearless of my thoughts and I hold my ground

But I write, not voice; mindful of the selective deafness around