Speak, act, express within the bounds of dignity
Endeavor to make people feel acceptable,
Not miserable and guilty

If you regret saying something in a sudden blow-up
If something has hurt someone bad
Breathe, apologize, and stop it from eating them up

Keep a check on those tough words,
A misunderstood statement is explainable;
But not those that cut like swords

Appreciate, admire, show affection
Express gratitude, practice empathy
Slow down the need for instant gratification

Love animals, have them around, learn
They’re any day better living beings than we’re
Always giving; they seldom yearn

Have friends, and be one
With healthy subtle boundaries
Have honest, fitting ties that will never come undone

Listen, understand, agree, accept, believe
Peace out sooner
Doesn’t take much to cease to crib and grieve

Think before you speak, frame well or fetter
But also hear out if someone hasn’t
To err is human; but let’s leave no chance to be better.