Two be company, and three be crowd;
But the social media groups, they are way too loud

Fantasizing to be friends, everyone has so much to say
None a listener; and those who don’t, have muted away

A chaos of attention seekers and attention givers,
An overwhelming mess for the silent observers

No depth, no substance, no humor, no purpose
What would the observer say anyway, amidst such a crazy circus?

“A friend to all, is a friend to none” (~Aristotle)
Impressing, competing, all show and no real fun

Can’t be a captive to such mindlessness, call me a misfit;
A world that never stops talking, I’d rather take my exit.

PS: I am thankful to the universe that I have made some great friends in life, and I speak to them individually or in groups, in person or over social media channels and it is always fun, humorous, fascinating and edifying in various ways. The typicality and mediocrity of societal norms of communication do not appeal to me. I prefer socializing on my own terms at a level that is not bound by approvals or validation. Stagnant conversations looped around nothingness lead nowhere!