Never too late to love yourself;
Remember, for once, just yourself

Once in a while let go, sit back and rest
Just let it go; take the load off your chest

Just one day, don’t expect, don’t care
Let nothing matter, no baggage to bear

Breathe in deep, and let your spirits soar high
Uncurl those wings that were meant to fly

Rejoice every emotion you possess, that makes you human
For once, don’t try so hard; that what’s expected (of you) is just an illusion

Smile, at everything you sought; that you believed you deserved
Regardless of what you got; smile, ‘cos the self-worth mattered

Embrace the change, some, don’t want to see in you
‘Cos you’ll change again; pity they don’t see theirs too

Celebrate all the little hopes and expectations that never came true
‘Cos every time you were let down; you moved on, matured and grew

Love yourself more, for every tear that you’ve shed
No, it wasn’t wrong; it was as right as, all the laughter that you’ve spread