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Every time I need to place
My naked heart somewhere
I’d always choose you my friend
Amidst all danger, morality or despair

A place secure, peaceful
Dignified and calm
A place I surrender truthfully
Fearlessly subdue, and disarm

Lifting me up in my mediocrities
My wisdom, in my immaturities
My strength in my vulnerabilities
You, are my home in all obscurities

You’ve always known my friend,
Every time you protect the child in me
You help me grow up better
With your composure and serenity

You’ve heard me out
Blabbering, and cries aloud
Given me space for so much more
Amidst all the mayhem and crowd

You’ve acknowledged the best in me
You’ve dealt with the worst with me
You’ve dived in deep every single time
You’ve understood, what no one could even see

My laughter finds a different high with you
My silences find new depths with you
Tête-à-têtes, sincere, of a bond so true
With you, there’s nothing, I can’t walk through